Analysis through the use of video is critical to improvement, maximized ability, growth and most importantly injury prevention.  Hockey Performax can offer a service that minor hockey programs simply cannot. We go far beyond what is being offered during regular practice sessions. Video analysis is virtually non-existent during these limited on-ice experiences.

Hockey is becoming more competitive than ever, it is even more crucial that young players receive the benefit of all the tools that are offered today.

Create a video of you or your child skating and we’ll help analyze the style, gait, extra needs etc. and give you positive feedback on the best skates or modifications needed to help maximize performance.  Our professional hockey staff will analyze your video and do a complete breakdown of strengths and weaknesses.We will then set up a video analysis review with you to explain what was learned and how to improve.
Upload your video to your Facebook page and send the link to us. For more in-depth help and analysis, stop by and talk to Chris at Performax, our adjacent hockey training facility.
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Email Chris at Hockey Performax: or Phone: 905-680-5498.
Used to pro coaches the world over, video has become key to success.
Considered crucial by pro coaches,  read about video analysis here.
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