Custom Fit

Several components combine to maximize your skating experience. Custom Fit is essential to maximize performance and minimize risk of injury in all age groups. It also ensures your child is given the best chance of proper development. The days of wearing 3 pairs of socks are over as this ill-conceived technique caused more harm than good.
But today, we go beyond boot fit. Balance Contouring and Blade Alignment are just as important.

What is Body Balance Contouring…

Patented by Mr. Glen Sakeriska, body balance contouring involves shaping the radius of the skate blade differently for each individual according to their body. Height, weight, age, arm length, leg shape, foot position, position played, skate manufacturer and boot size are all taken into consideration. Contouring can only be correctly performed in-store with the individual and his or her skates. The benefits of a body balance contour are a more balanced, comfortable skater with a stronger stride and smoother glide on the ice. The net result will be a more confident and better performing hockey player.

What is Blade Alignment….

Blade alignment is the process of altering blade positioning to correct the abnormal foot (eg. supination, pronation).

custom fit alignmentDid you know that only ten percent of all feet are correctly positioned under ones’ body? Given the fact that all factory mounted skate blades are assembled to accommodate a normal foot, up to 90% of all skaters may require a skate blade alignment . The objective is to try to make the skate blade perpendicular to the foot. An example of an abnormal foot would be an “ankle burner”. [This is actually an incorrect statement as the ankle is a hinge joint, moving front to back and not side to side. “Ankle Burning” is caused by the heel being positioned to the outside of the ankle (supination)]. The skater’s positioning would be to the inside of his or her skate blade.

(see fig. 1) By re-aligning the skaters blades inward, positioning will become more central. (see fig 2)

The benefits of such a procedure will be:

1) Greatly improved balance – with the blade being more central to the individual, the skate will have more of a natural feel, almost as if they are an extension of the foot. Simple skating drills will become much easier.

2) A more comfortable boot fit – because the blade is better aligned to the foot, there will be less pressure on the outside or inside of the foot. Skate blade alignment is available by appointment, and can be performed in-store with the individual and his or her skates. The end result will be better performance, and fewer injuries.