What is Skate Sharpening..

skate sharpening

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We feature 4 types of sharpening:
1. Contour
2. Flat Bottom V
3. Regular Hockey
4. Figure Skate


Skate sharpening is the method by which skates are maintained. However, we at Front Row Sports believe that it is much more than that! Skate sharpening is a precise procedure, which joins the athlete to his or her playing surface.

Each sharpening is customized based on the athletes weight, skating style, and outside weather temperature. (i.e.) If the skater is a heavy individual with a hard stride, he or she will need less of an edge than will a skater who is lighter on their feet,…as more pressure will be transferred from their bodies to the ice

skate sharpening conventional flat bottom v


We offer three different types of hockey skate sharpening at Front Row:
Regular Sharpening – $8
This is a traditional skate sharpening method, which uses a grinding stone to create a groove or hollow between the edges of the blade. We buy spinners for our regular sharpening to ensure each customer gets the exact same hollow – regardless of which technician is sharpening at the time.
Flat Bottom V Sharpening – $8
Flat bottom sharpening offers the benefit of being with less friction, but the same amount of sharpness, which equals greater glide with the same edge. The flat bottom shape of the blade allows the skate to glide across the top of the ice rather than cut through it. This reduces drag and helps increase speed.
Contour Skate Sharpening – $30
Body Balance Contouring involves shaping the radius of the skate blade differently for each individual, according to his or her body type. Height, weight, age, arm length, leg shape, foot position, position played, skate manufacturer and boot size are all taken into consideration.
What are the benefits? The benefits of a body balance contour are a more balanced, comfortable skater with a stronger stride and smoother glide on the ice.